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Canadian Dream Car Art Winners

Toyota Dream Car Art Contest announces Nine 2017 Canadian Youth Finalists. The Toyota Dream Art Contest challenges youth globally to think creatively about what they think “dream cars” should be, and provide them with a forum to unleash their wildest imaginations. Each year the contest ... Read More

Toyota Canadian Black Book Awards

It’s no secret that Toyota manufactures some pretty incredible cars. Whether it was introducing the consumer to the Luxury SUV with the Lexus RX in the 1990s, or pioneering and building the Prius in preparation for the demand for the green car, Toyota has always been a forward-thinking organiz ... Read More

Toyota Hybrid Sales

2016 proved to be a great year for the green car initiative around the world. It seems as though more and more car manufacturers are taking towards the reduced carbon footprint model and opting to provide a wider variety of environmentally-friendly vehicles for the increase in demand from consumers. ... Read More

Toyota Search

Toyota, the car manufacturer that is known for creating reliable vehicles and racking up the accolades in the automotive sector can add another distinction to its already impressive repertoire. Based on a study conducted by UK based Quickco, Toyota is the most searched automaker in the world, comi ... Read More

Toyota Dream Car Contest

Are your kids dreamers? Do they love the world of cars and art? Well, Toyota is happy to once again extend a world of possibilities for the future of the automotive industry. The goal of this initiative is to foster innovation and creativity by having them think about the future of mobility and en ... Read More

Toyota Robot

Toyota has long been known for the company’s innovation when it comes to leading-edge technology in the automotive sector. With technology accelerating at such a rapid pace these days, it seems as though the Japanese automaker is ready to be take the next step in robotics research. ... Read More

Toyota Prius

Your car may not have eyes, but pretty soon there’ll be a good chance that they can see. Not only that but do you ever find yourself in a situation where you’ve lost your car keys? Well, now you don’t have to worry because you’ll be able to open your car with ... Read More

Toyota Corolla

Think back to 1966, the year when the Beatle’s “Rubber Soul” album went #1 and retained that position for six weeks. It was also the year that the first Toyota Corolla was introduced to the general public and it’s hard to believe how it has developed and grown over the course ... Read More

Sayonara Scion, hello Toyota 86

Posted: 03/23/2016

Toyota 86

The age of Toyota’s brand marketed to youngsters may be over as the company announced that that it will discontinue the production of Scion vehicles. However, thankfully, there are a couple of vehicle models that will be reintroduced and rebranded into the Toyota badge to meet ... Read More

Toyota Setsuna

Lexus has adopted a very aggressive marketing campaign to bring its brand to the media forefront. Last year, the Japanese automaker launched a campaign where they developed a life-size origami IS250 that was fully operational (although not roadworthy). Now, it’s parent company ... Read More

Toyota C-HR

Toyota has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to innovating and developing new technologies for consumers and to reduce environmental impact. This time around, Toyota is entering a market segment later than anticipated, but rest assured that the Japanese automaker still aim ... Read More

2017 Toyota RAV4

The Toyota RAV4 holds a spot near and dear to the hearts of many. Now, after a refresh that is accompanied by the introduction of a hybrid model, the RAV4 has really set itself apart from the competition. As a result of these changes, the SUV has now surpassed the Honda CR-V as the t ... Read More

Toyota reveals the U2 concept

Posted: 02/17/2017

Toyota U2

Gone are the days of Sports Utility Vehicles, or SUVs. Toyota is now looking to push the envelope by introducing the masses to a new form of concept, the Urban Utility concept, the U2. This vehicle is meant to take on anything the urban jungle throws at it. In the lat ... Read More

Toyota Gazoo Racing Yaris

Do you have a Yaris parked in the driveway? Are you a fan of safe, reliable and eco-friendly vehicles to get you from point A to point B? The compact hatchback has long been known as an easy to drive vehicle that offers a strong level of maneuverability for the driver. Well, Toyota G ... Read More

Toyota Autonomy

Toyota as a brand has always had a vision for innovation. And in September 2015, three executives walked into the office of the company’s CEO and president, Akio Toyoda looking to make yet another radical change to Toyota’s long-term plans. The trio wanted ... Read More

Toyota Pickup

David from Prometheus said it best that “Big things have small beginnings.” That’s a saying that holds true with the small yet reliable and aptly named, Toyota Pickup. The Japanese automaker has long been known for manufacturing vehicles that last a ... Read More

Toyota 86 Racing Series

Keep racking up the accolades, Toyota. The Japanese automaker’s drifting division, headed by Drift UAE champion Ahmed Al Ameri will be bringing his very special Toyota 86 (Scion FR S) to the Al Ain Air Championship. Al Ameri became the first driver to win back-t ... Read More

Toyota 86 Series

The Toyota 86 series received an injection of excitement as the addition of seasoned professional drives has been added to the mix. Earlier this year, professional drivers Steve Johnson, Leanne Tander and Aaron Seton were named as the drivers and performed demonstration laps in 86 ra ... Read More

Toyota Millionth Hybrid

Nope, this wasn’t a lucky contestant on the Price is Right. However, a very fortunate Toyota customer in Germany received a bonus second Toyota Auris Hybrid when they purchased the One-Millionth Toyota Hybrid to be sold in Europe. When Victor Dugonics from Germany went to his l ... Read More

Toyota Mirai Fuel Cell

The Mirai has been receiving a lot of love from us recently. We guess it’s time that we extended this ad”Mirai”tion (sorry, not sorry) across the pond. That’s because Toyota’s first ever high volume fuel cell electric vehicle has touched down in Europe and the first sale of this new vehi ... Read More

2016 Toyota Prius

Lady Gaga, the polarizing singer and songwriter is known for a lot of things. Her unique take on style, numerous chart-topping singles and albums and of course, for inspiring the design for the fourth generation Toyota Prius … wait, what? According to an article published on Autoevolution.c ... Read More

Toyota HaMo

Urban driving can be tedious – especially when you integrate rush hour traffic. That being said, Toyota has been experimenting with a new effort titled “Ha:Ma.” Unlike other big players in the market such as ZipCar and Uber, Toyota aims to build a completely new system from the g ... Read More