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Toyota aims to extend the 'Love Game' with the 2016 Toyota Prius

Posted 11/23/2015

2016 Toyota Prius

Lady Gaga, the polarizing singer and songwriter is known for a lot of things. Her unique take on style, numerous chart-topping singles and albums and of course, for inspiring the design for the fourth generation Toyota Prius … wait, what?

According to an article published on Autoevolution.com, the third generation design of the Prius was a little on the safe side. That’s why the executives at Toyota told the chief designer of the fourth-generation Prius to do something a little different.

When Shunsaku Kodama, the Chief designer in question, set out to draw the futuristic Prius, he needed to set up a mood board to help him come up with a concept. On that list of elements that would help embody this new design, Kodama added a very unlikely figure, Lady Gaga.

“As a concept, we were thinking Lady Gaga. We wanted to be more extreme in our design,” he said in an interview with Automotive News.

The goal of the project was to spice up Toyota’s flagship hybrid to make it more than just a fuel efficient vehicle. Kodama’s team was tasked with the responsibility of giving the new Prius’ design emotion, making it sexy meanwhile retaining its green car enamor.

John Manoogian, a professor of automotive design at the College for Creative Studies said that it’s unclear whether the new design will draw more customers because it is polarizing. It does however, stay close to the triangular themes that make the Prius recognizable from the get-go.

If you’re interested at taking a looking at the new 2016 Toyota Prius in person, rest assured that here at Markville Toyota, located at 5362 Highway 7 East in Markham, we will be ready to get you behind its wheels as soon as it becomes available.

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