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The Toyota Mirai makes its journey across the pond

Posted 11/30/2015

Toyota Mirai Fuel Cell

The Mirai has been receiving a lot of love from us recently. We guess it’s time that we extended this ad”Mirai”tion (sorry, not sorry) across the pond.

That’s because Toyota’s first ever high volume fuel cell electric vehicle has touched down in Europe and the first sale of this new vehicle line has already been completed to a consumer in Germany. Of course one sale is just a predecessor to the success that Toyota hopes to generate in the long run.

The Japanese automaker describes the Mirai as the future of the automotive industry as consumer trends are predicting a shift from gasoline engines to those that are fuel efficient. As such, Toyota has also implemented a plan which aims for the company to reduce its CO2 emissions down to zero by 2050.

Although it’s relatively new to the masses and truly a pioneer in the FCEV market, the Mirai provides an excellent driving range at 500 km on a full charge. This is much more than what a traditional EV is able to offer and will give consumers an opportunity to see if FCEV is a more practical route to go when compared to EV.

With hydrogen as its fuel, the Mirai can sprint from 0-100 km/h in roughly 9.6 seconds and has a top speed of 178 km/h. As the technology develops, so too will the output that this already impressive car can generate.

Back on Canadian soil, the city of Markham recently installed a Level 3 charging station in the Markham Civic centre located at 101 Town Centre Boulevard. So as the infrastructure builds for fuel efficient vehicles, rest assured that here at Markville Toyota, we will be ready to assist you with all your questions.

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