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Toyota GAZOO Racing has released a video of a majestic Yaris and you have to see it

Posted 01/27/2016

Toyota Gazoo Racing Yaris

Do you have a Yaris parked in the driveway? Are you a fan of safe, reliable and eco-friendly vehicles to get you from point A to point B? The compact hatchback has long been known as an easy to drive vehicle that offers a strong level of maneuverability for the driver.

Well, Toyota GAZOO Racing aims to change your view point on the little hatchback that could. One trim package in particular that’s been labelled the “G’s” has really caught the attention of those at TheNewsWheel.Com thanks to a video that was published on Toyota GAZOO Racing JP’s YouTube page.

The video is simple as it showcases a majestic Yaris slowly galloping into frame, leaving a literal trail of dust behind it – likening it to a rocket being launched out of a canon. The rally-ready G’s Vitz (Yaris in Japan) is equipped with aerodynamic features such as a spoiler to reduce drag.

It’s a shame that this version of the Yaris is currently only available in Japan, but here at Markville Toyota, you too can get yourself behind the wheel of a 2016 Toyota Yaris and catch some serious hang time doing jumps at Milne Dam Conservation Area on McCowan Drive.

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