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Toyota unveils drivers for 86 Race Series

Posted 12/09/2015

Toyota 86 Series

The Toyota 86 series received an injection of excitement as the addition of seasoned professional drives has been added to the mix. Earlier this year, professional drivers Steve Johnson, Leanne Tander and Aaron Seton were named as the drivers and performed demonstration laps in 86 race cars at the Sydney 500 at Olympic Park.

Toyota has recently been making a push to provide more attention towards its racing faction. Most notably, the Japanese automaker revealed that the organization would be entering the World Rally Championships with a revamped Toyota Yaris.

According to the car manufacturer, this 86 Race Series is geared towards providing an entry point and training grounds for up-and-coming drivers to build experience, establish themselves and compete for a prize pool of $125,000. To ensure a level playing ground, Johnson, Tander and Seton are all ineligible for the prize money and points and are essentially racing to provide a mentoring experience in a competitive environment.

The inaugural race will kick off in Winton, Australia next March and events will be taking place at Sydney Motor Park in August. If you’re looking to get the race car feel, come by Markville Toyota and take the Scion FR S for a test drive on Highway 7 East!

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