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Toyota has big visions for autonomy

Posted 01/13/2016

Toyota Autonomy

Toyota as a brand has always had a vision for innovation. And in September 2015, three executives walked into the office of the company’s CEO and president, Akio Toyoda looking to make yet another radical change to Toyota’s long-term plans.

The trio wanted to change Mr. Toyoda’s stance on autonomous cars. As a racing enthusiast himself, he had preferred to maintain control of his vehicles with his hands and feet. The executives on the other hand, believed that it was time to embrace autonomous driving to the point that cars would not need drivers to navigate busy streets or long stretches of road.

Thankfully their talk did not fall on deaf ears. “Our goal is to make sure everyone can move around freely,” Mr. Toyoda said. Adding that he “Personally went through a big change in [his] thinking.” Stating that he came to an epiphany after meeting Paralympic athletes who wanted to ride in fashionable cars – which truly gave him a change of heart.

Now, the Japanese automaker is investing heavy. Putting up $1 Billion to establish a research facility in Silicon Valley for research and development to further their goal of achieving autonomy. So if you’re in the market to get behind the wheel and feel the movements of your car with your hands and feet, come down to Markville Toyota where one of our staff members will be happy to answer any questions and get you on the road. We’re located on Highway 7 just north of McCowan road in Markham.

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