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Toyota forging ahead in robotics development

Posted 07/15/2016

Toyota Robot

Toyota has long been known for the company’s innovation when it comes to leading-edge technology in the automotive sector. With technology accelerating at such a rapid pace these days, it seems as though the Japanese automaker is ready to be take the next step in robotics research.

The auto-giant has committed to spending $ one billion over five years to run an artificial intelligence research institute that will be spearheaded by Gill Pratt. It is his belief that robots and cars will serve a very similar function to the general public in the future – to make life easier.

Toyota has been working on motorized wheel charis that scale stairs, wearable technology to assist the visually impaired as well as a new robot helper that can retriever items for those that are bedridden.

One of the organization’s biggest competitors, Google has decided to take a step back from robotics research. It was recently reported that the search engine’s parent company, Alphabet, has decided to put Boston Dynamics up for sale after determining that it will not be able to release a marketable product in the next few years.

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