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Toyota takes the Ha:Mo project to Grenoble, France

Posted 11/20/2015

Toyota HaMo

Urban driving can be tedious – especially when you integrate rush hour traffic. That being said, Toyota has been experimenting with a new effort titled “Ha:Ma.”

Unlike other big players in the market such as ZipCar and Uber, Toyota aims to build a completely new system from the ground up. The Japanese automaker has introduced a very unique approach to city driving and in the process has redefined the workday commute by injecting a sense of excitement for urban drivers.

Toyota has created an electric motorbike that is offered as a sort of ridesharing program, where no consumer owns it, rather, the city sprawl rents it cohesively titled “Ha:mo” which is Japanese for ‘Harmonious Mobility Network.’

“Urban mobility solutions will be a key growth area for Toyota in the future,” Takeshi Uchiyamada, Chariman of Toyota and “father of the Prius” said. The Prius provided a solution combining hybrid technology with daily driving and Uchiyamada says that the company is very excited to try solving urban traffic issues.

The Ha:mo project has moved into Grenoble, France for a three-year trial run. The initiative aims to assist Grenoble’s public transport network by offering a resolution for short-term trips. The vehicle and its charging stations are integrated into the IT network frame of the city which offer both route planning and mobile app reservations.

It may be a little while before Ha:mo makes its way over to Steeles Avenue East or Woodbine Avenue in Markham, but as soon as it does, we at Don Markville Toyota will be ready to take them for a spin.

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