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Toyota Pickup .. the most resilient pickup ever made?

Posted 01/04/2016

Toyota Pickup

David from Prometheus said it best that “Big things have small beginnings.” That’s a saying that holds true with the small yet reliable and aptly named, Toyota Pickup.

The Japanese automaker has long been known for manufacturing vehicles that last a really long time. And as the attached photo shows, the Pickup is no exception to the rule. The stories about this vehicle’s reliability have been astounding. As Murilee Martin of Jalopnik posted an article to highlight the indestructability of this machine on wheels.

Martin’s brother in law purchased the truck new in 1987 with the most stripped-down and bare-bones version available. There was no bumper, no radio, no air conditioning, just a 4-speed transmission.

The tale of this 1987 Pickup has spanned a lifetime of nearly 400,000 KM which Martin attributes to meticulous care of the vehicle. Yes, the body and the interior show the nearly 30 years of age that it has accrued, but the only major failed component thus far has been a master cylinder which went bad around 2004.

Does the design seem a little familiar to you? It should, because the Pick Up coincided with the developments made to the Toyota Hilux. Yes, today’s Hilux is a much larger version than its predecessor, but it shares a familiar history and offers the same level of reliability and performance that Toyota lovers have come to appreciate in their vehicles.

So the next time you see a Pick Up or a Hilux strolling down Warden Avenue, just remember, that big things often have small beginnings.

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