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Toyota set to unveil the Setsuna concept in Milan

Posted 03/07/2016

Toyota Setsuna

Lexus has adopted a very aggressive marketing campaign to bring its brand to the media forefront. Last year, the Japanese automaker launched a campaign where they developed a life-size origami IS250 that was fully operational (although not roadworthy). Now, it’s parent company Toyota Motor’s opportunity to turn heads with a radical concept as the company announced that it will be bringing the Setsuna concept to Milan Design Week taking place from April 12- 17 this year.

The two-seater Setsuna, which means ‘moment’ in Japanese is made from regional cedar and birch. The idea behind using wood is that it will pick up marks over time that will tell the car’s story, much like how rings in a tree trunk tell of the life it has endured.

Toyota’s aim with this concept is to envision a vehicle that is one with the environment. That’s why it sports an electric motor, the design aesthetic is reminiscent of a boat and the wooden bodywork uses traditional Japanese construction and is made without the use of screws or nails. According to Toyota, this vehicle was created as a reminder of the car’s potential to create memories and to generate emotional bonds.

Here at Markville Toyota, we believe that all vehicles have the potential to build memories. Whether it’s driving down Highway 404 on route to the cottage or getting stuck in traffic on Highway 7 East, cars become a big part of our lives. That’s why, our team of Toyota experts is always ready to answer all your questions to ensure that you find the car of your dreams.

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