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Emergency Response Guides

Emergency Response Guides

Because Toyota hybrids have a high-voltage battery pack, great care is taken to ensure that this pack does not contact objects other than the hybrid propulsion system itself – whether under normal operating conditions or in an accident.

We publish Emergency Response Guides and Dismantling Manuals to ensure that safety professionals and first responders (in the case of a collision) can identify the presence of hybrid technology and act accordingly. These are especially useful for those involved in the dismantling of Toyota hybrid vehicles, providing special guidance for the management of the high voltage electrical system in the hybrid battery. They can also be useful to owners – providing advanced familiarity with the hybrid system.

Download an Emergency Response Guide or Dismantling Manual for the Toyota hybrids below:

Model Model Years Emergency Response Guide Dismantling Guide
Prius (First Generation) 2001-2003 Download
Prius (Second Generation) 2004-2009 Download Download
Prius (Third Generation) 2010- Download
Prius Plug-In Hybrid (PHV) 2010 Download
Prius v 2012- Download
Camry HV (First Generation) 2007-2011 Download Download
Camry HV (Second Generation) 2012- Download
Highlander HV (First Generation) 2006-2007 Download Download
Highlander HV (Second Generation) 2008-2013 Download

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