Financing Options

We're here to help with financing options

Thank you for choosing Markville Toyota as your dealership. Our team of Professional Financial Services Managers are here to help you customize a payment plan that will suit your budget.

We make it not only simple, but offer quick turn-around with connections to every major banking institution allowing us to offer competitive rates and hassle free paper work, all completed right here at Markville Toyota.

Our partners include:

Toyota Financial Service, Weins Canada Leasing, Scotiabank, TD Canada Trust, and more

Why you shouldn't use your line of credit to pay for a vehicle

  1. We represent all major banks and can negotiate the best terms and conditions for you
  2. An open loan has multiple payment options and can be paid off without penalties
  3. The only security that is required is the vehicle
  4. Use your Line of Credit for what it is meant for: Investment opportunities or emergencies
  5. Secured Lines of Credit are secured against your home
  6. Your credit line is a demand note and your bank has the right to demand payment in full
  7. The bank may require the total balance of your line of credit paid in full if you die, become insolvent or become bankrupt
  8. Convenience is key - all necessary documentation is completed right here at Markville Toyota rather than several visits to the bank

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