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Every Toyota vehicle is backed by the most service-focused and dedicated network of Dealers in the industry. Plus, our comprehensive standard and supplemental protection programs offer unprecedented motoring peace of mind.

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Toyota New Vehicle Warranty Markham, Ontario
New Vehicle Warranty

Driving a Toyota should be an experience of joy and exhilaration, without reservation. Not to worry - your New Vehicle Warranty provides protection from potential defects in manufacturing materials or workmanship. Toyota warranty service is performed by Toyota-trained technicians using Toyota Genuine parts, and is available at any Toyota Dealership in North America.

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Toyota Wear Pass Lease Protection Markham, Ontario
Wear Pass Lease Protection

Leasing a Toyota? A Wear Pass will cover you from end of Lease Expenses due to Wear and Tear.

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Toyota Extra Care Protection Markham, Ontario
Extra Care Protection

With fully-transferable contracts, ECP can also enhance the resale value of your Toyota. Transfer of coverage to a new owner is as simple as signing over the contract and advising Toyota of the change.

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Platinum Shield Protection Markham, Ontario
Platinum Shield Protection

Your new vehicle rolled into your life with the latest innovations in design and construction. But it still has to battle the wear and tear of our harsh Canadian climate. Strong UV rays, extreme heat or cold, snow and ice, rain or humidity, road salt and pollutants can harm your car's beauty and its functions. Exterior and interior safeguards from Platinum Shield Protection will defend your vehicle against harsh conditions.

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Platinum Vehicle Return Privilege Markham, Ontario
Platinum Vehicle Return Privilege

If something unexpected happens to you, like experiencing a disability or a job loss, we can help. You're covered for your first year whether your vehicle is new or used, leased or financed.

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Titan Vehicle Protection Markham, Ontario
Titan Vehicle Protection

Protect yourself against unexpected Road Hazards that result in costly repairs - 3, 4 and 5 year plans available.

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Total Loss Protection (GAP) Markham, Ontario
Total Loss Protection (GAP)

If your vehicle is deemed a total loss (due to fire, theft, flood or accident), there can be a significant difference between the amount your insurance covers and the balance you owe at the bank. For additional Peace of Mind, Total Loss Protection covers the "gap" in your primary insurance settlement up to $50,000, pays your deductible up to $1,000, and pays a $500 loyalty credit on your next vehicle purchase.*

* Some conditions apply.

Toyota Tire Road Hazard Protection Markham, Ontario
Tire Road Hazard Protection

Be prepared for bumps in the road. Despite your best efforts, you may at some point encounter unavoidable hazards, directly in your path. A huge pothole, shattered glass or other debris on the road are hazards that can be dangerous and they can be very costly when they cause damage to your tires and wheels.

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Payment Protection Markham, Ontario
Payment Protection

We are here to help. The Financial Services Managers at Markville Toyota are professionally trained to present to you the details and benefits of all our payment protection options. Once they understand your needs they can custom tailor an option suitable for your unique needs and budget.

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Vehicle Financing Options Markham, Ontario
Financing Options

We make it not only simple, but offer quick turn-around with connections to every major banking institution allowing us to offer competitive rates and hassle free paper work, all completed right here at Markville Toyota.

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Globali - Theft Deterrent Markham, Ontario
GLOBALi - Theft Deterrent

On average more than 400 vehicles are stolen every day, costing Canadians $1.2 billion annually. The GLOBAL Theft Deterrent and Vehicle Registry & Recovery unites dealers, law enforcement, and you in a shared resource to help prevent auto theft.

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Global Identity Markham, Ontario
Global Identity - Identity Restoration Service

Identity theft is a growing trend globally. In many instances, personal information left inside your vehicle provides criminals with what they need to steal your identity and wreak havoc on your life and relationships with banks, insurance companies and other organizations central to your life.

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3M Vehicle Protection Markham, Ontario
3M Vehicle Protection

3M Vehicle Protection helps preserve the quality of your vehicles finish against chips, stains and scratches. It will enhance the resale value of your vehicle and keep it looking newer for longer.

Full package from $1,288 / Front Bumper from $888 / Fenders from $688 / A-pillar from $288 / Door cups from $288 / Roof line from $288 / Rear bumper top from $288

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