Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Toyota Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Toyota Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs) are similar to a standard hybrid vehicle, but with the added benefit of increased battery-only range. With the ability to be plugged-in to recharge, they offer great value and convenience for today’s commuter.

Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles differ from a traditional hybrid in terms of their battery capacity, and with their top speed that is available using the battery power. The Prius Prime, and RAV4 Prime offer up to 40km* and 68km* in range respectively in full EV Mode. Plus, both models have a top speed of up to 135km/h* on the battery – allowing someone who’s commute includes city and highway driving to take full advantage of their PHEVs electric capabilities.

Benefits over Traditional Hybrids:

  • Increased Battery-Only Range
  • Plug-in Recharging
  • Higher Battery-Only top-speed

Toyota Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Line-up

Prius Prime

The Prius Prime is the next evolution of the Prius. Plug your Prius Prime in at home or any charging station, and enjoy battery-only driving without the range anxiety of a battery electric vehicle.

RAV4 Prime

The cleanest and most powerful RAV4 so far. You can drive up to 68km on battery power with standard AWD, with a gas engine to back you up.

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