Toyota Hybrids

Toyota Hybrids

You can drive like you always have.

Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive works faultlessly in the background, optimizing the combination of gas and electric power as you drive.

Best part yet, there’s no need to plug in.

Hybrids never have to be plugged in. Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive system recharges the battery itself, allowing you to drive and operate the same as a conventional gas-powered vehicle. However, PHEV's (plug-in Hybrid electric vehicles), like the Prius Prime, can be plugged to charge to allow for faster and further travel in EV-mode.

Toyota hybrids don’t compromise on power or performance. The electric motor helps vehicles accelerate off the line and out of corners quickly. Electric motors also add to the total horsepower rating. For example, the new RAV4 Hybrid delivers more horsepower and faster acceleration than its gas-powered model and seamlessly transitions between the electric motors and gas engine, resulting in better fuel economy and fewer trips to the pump. You’ll love the ride.

With the rising cost of fuel, why not cut back with a hybrid?

The main source of power for Toyota Hybrids remains the gasoline engine. However, they're built for high efficiency and low emissions. With the combination of the electric motor, high voltage battery, and a generator, there is no need for plugging in the battery to charge like you would with full electric vehicles. The vehicle charges itself on the go. During Start up, Accelerating and Cruising, Decelerating and Braking, and Resting and Reversing. You don't need to change how you drive or how you fuel your vehicle!

Toyota hybrids can operate in electric-only mode, gas-mode only, or a seamless combination of both. This is all done automatically without needing driver input. This will produce up to 70% less smog without sacrificing performance.

During Start up, only the electric motor is engaged, saving fuel and delivering instant torque with minimal emissions. While Accelerating and Cruising, the gas engine and electric motor teams up to provide the ideal mix of power; using less fuel while excess energy recharges the battery. Decelerating and Braking, the electric motor takes over and the regenerative braking system converts energy into electric energy to recharge the battery. Finally while the vehicle is Resting or Reversing, the gas engine shuts down to conserve fuel (unless battery running low).

Cleaner. Efficient. Powerful. Toyota’s hybrid technology puts vehicles on the road that are friendly both to those who drive them and the environment around them. Fewer emissions and pollutants, more kilometres on less fuel and power and performance second to none.

Fuel Efficiency. Even if Toyota’s hybrids offered no other benefits, fuel efficiency alone would place them at the head of the pack. By seamlessly combining both gas and electric power, the hybrid system can take full advantage of the synergies between the two thus complementing each power source. In effect, Toyota’s hybrids offer the best of all possible worlds for economy and energy efficiency. Other powertrains fritter away energy at stoplights, during braking and whenever the engine isn’t running at optimum speed; the Hybrid Synergy Drive actually stores that energy in the battery to be used when needed. As well, superb aerodynamics and weight-saving features help Toyota hybrids squeeze even more savings out of every litre of gas. No waste while you make haste.

Driving Performance. You get the best of both worlds in the form of outstanding acceleration, a powerful and smooth response, and top fuel economy. More power from less gas. The latest versions of Toyota's Hybrid Synergy Drive offers increased drive power through a higher output motor, more efficient electric power from a high rpm generator, a high input/output performance battery and a high-voltage electrical system, and a better energy optimization management; torque on demand control and regenerative brake control.

Quietness. Thanks to a super-efficient, smooth-as-silk internal combustion engine and a silent-running, high-output electric motor, that sound you barely hear is your hybrid vehicle doing its thing. Designed to automatically allocate power in the most efficient manner possible, Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive quietly switches from gas engine to electric motor and back without you even being aware of it. Add Toyota’s famed attention to detail, superior sound-proofing through the use of damping coating behind the dashboard and floor, vibration-reducing foam, and aerodynamic design to reduce wind noise–and it’s no wonder a ride in a Toyota hybrid feels more like gliding than driving. Welcome to the sounds of silence.

The fact is Toyota hybrids are just a better way to travel. Powered by the most proven and advanced hybrid technology in the world, they offer an unmatched combination of performance, fuel efficiency and low emissions. Since Toyota launched their first hybrid in 1996, Toyota sold more than 4,000,000 in 80 countries around the world.

1. Since 2001, over 98% of Toyota hybrids sold in Canada are still running on their original battery.

2. Along with the 3-Year/60,000km vehicle warranty, all hybrid components including the battery are backed by an 8-Year/160,000 km warranty! Typical batteries usually last about 6 years.

3. Toyota Hybrids began in 1997 with the Prius. Since then more than 12 million Toyota Hybrids have been sold around the world. Hybrids aren't a new thing!

4. Toyota Hybrids and their components undergo rigorous testing to ensure they withstand whatever mother nature throws at them. The 2019 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid is even built in Canada; built by Canadians, for Canadians.

5. Toyota hybrids follow the same maintenance schedule as conventional Toyota vehicles. They don't require additional maintenance.