Extra Care Protection

Ensure the safety of your investment and enhance your sense of tranquility by acquiring a Toyota Extra Care Protection Service Agreement.

Although your Toyota is designed for durability and comes with a comprehensive warranty, unforeseen circumstances can still arise. For this reason, Toyota provides Toyota Extra Care Protection (ECP) Service Agreements, which feature various terms and coverage options to ensure your peace of mind.

ECP Service
Agreement Plan


Our Platinum Service Agreement is incredibly thorough, with only a handful of components that we exclude from coverage. Additionally, it includes an array of supplementary services, such as:

  • For Vehicles with 12 months/16,000 kilometer oil change intervals, you'll enjoy the first 3 years of Maintenance Service Program*

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For Used Vehicles Choose From Comprehensive, Powertrain, Major Component, or Platinum Extra Care Coverage.


In the event that your Toyota automobile needs to be held overnight for the repair or replacement of covered components that will take more than 8 hours to complete, we will compensate you for up to 5 days of alternate transportation expenses. Moreover, if the covered components are unavailable and on back-order, we can reimburse you for an extra 5 days of alternate transportation.


By obtaining an ECP Service Agreement, you can safeguard your budget from escalating vehicle repair expenses and preserve the resale value of your Toyota automobile. In fact, ECP is completely transferable to a new owner. If you decide to sell your vehicle while your service plan is still active, you can enhance the vehicle's value by including the service plan at the time of sale.