Top 15 Cars For 15 Plus Years

Top 15 Cars Owners keep for 15 Plus years

For many of us, the cost of owning and maintaining a vehicle can come at a premium. To avoid getting the short end of the stick, we take our time to research the product, read reviews, consult experts and ask family and friends before making the final decision. Since this is a long-term commitment, you want to ensure that the vehicle you buy today, saves you money in the long run., an independent automotive research firm conducted a survey of over 650,000 cars from 1981-2002 models sold in 2017. Their study found a recurring pattern among vehicle owners who kept their original vehicle for 15+ years. The massive research concluded that the famous Japanese automaker, Toyota, appeared nine times out of 15 on the list. In addition, the analysis also showed that it was the top-ranked favourite brand among vehicle owner who kept their car for 15+ years.

Toyota is famously known for their unrivalled quality and unparallel safety across the automotive industry. It’s no wonder that they dominated the list. A right investment today can save you a lot over the long run. In other words, less maintenance trips to the shop and more money in in your pocket!

Ranking by Models

Rank Model % based on 650,000 cars
kept by the original owners
1 Toyota Highlander 18.3%
2 Toyota Sienna 17.1%
3 Toyota Tundra 15.7%
4 Toyota Prius 15.0 %
5 Toyota RAV4 14.3%
6 Honda Odyssey 12.8%
7 Toyota Sequoia 12.8%
8 Toyota Tacoma 12.4%
9 Honda CR-V 11.9%
10 Toyota Avalon 11.7%
11 Acura MDX 11.6%
12 Toyota Camry 11.5%
13 Subaru Forester 11.5%
14 Nissan Frontier 11.0%
15 Volkswagen Golf 10.6%

Ranking by Brands

Rank Brand % based on 650,000 cars
kept by the original owners
1 Toyota 11.8%
2 Subaru 9.9%
3 Honda 9.7%
4 Acura 8.7%
5 Lexus 8.7%
6 Hyundai 8.2%
7 Mazda 7.6%
8 Nissan 7.6%
9 Infiniti 7.4%
10 GMC 7.2%


You can confidently depend on Toyota’s exceptional durability and unquestionable reliability to deliver more mileage out of your investment. Knowing this, we would like to invite you to check out a Toyota for yourself.

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