Toyota Parts Focus

You purchased Toyota because of our reputation for quality - and because you have better things to do than worry about vehicle reliability and dependability. Those are the very same reasons that you should insist on Toyota Parts when it's time for routine replacement.

Genuine Toyota Parts are the only parts that have been manufactured to meet Toyota's rigorous standards of safety, appearance and durability - helping to protect you as well as the value of your investment.

To learn more about Toyota Parts, and the part you can play in keeping your Toyota in peak operating condition, please select the part listed below. You'll find out what each part does, the factors and conditions that can cause wear and tear, and when and why you should follow the maintenance guidelines for your vehicle as detailed in the Toyota Maintenance Menu.

If your Replacement Parts are purchased and installed by Markville Toyota, your Replacement Parts Warranty covers the Parts and Labor.

If replacement parts were provided to you at no charge as part of your New Vehicle Basic Warranty, your coverage is

90 days, or the balance of the new vehicle basic warranty,

whichever is greater, for parts and labor.

If you purchase replacement parts from Toyota and have them installed at Markville Toyota, your coverage is

24 months or 40,000 km,

whichever comes first, for parts and labor.

If you purchase parts from Markville Toyota's parts counter, and have them installed elsewhere, your coverage is 12 months/unlimited km for parts only.

Toyota Parts Focus at Markville Toyota in Markham, ON